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When first opened in 1957, the Pinnacle Peak was a general store and rest stop for travelers heading to nearby lakes. To boost sales of his small business, the owner decided to serve dinner on the weekends. It was a great success - and the rest is restaurant history. What started as a weekend cookout has grown into the world's largest western steakhouse with seating for 1800 people inside and outside for 2000.

Pinnacle Peak Patio is renowned for its delicious mesquite broiled steaks, casual western atmosphere, and its "NO NECKTIE POLICY." This "no necktie" tradition was started one night when a Phoenix executive came in for dinner. The original owner, wanting to keep the atmosphere in his restaurant casual, told the executive, "Either you take that tie off, or I'll cut it off." The executive did not take heed and was appalled when the owner pulled out a butcher knife and promptly cut off the offending cravat.

Wanting to be recognized as a victim of this absurd policy, the executive demanded that his tie be prominently displayed for all to see. The necktie was stapled to the rafters along with a business card identifying its victim. Pinnacle Peak is very serious about its "no necktie" policy and has cut over a million ties from unsuspecting customers.

Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery | 10426 E. Jomax Road | Scottsdale, Arizona 85262 | (480) 585-1599
Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse & Microbrewery, in Scottsdale, Arizona, is the original and not affiliated with any other Pinnacle Peak Restaurant.